Q: How does SwypeOn work?

A: After downloading SwypeOn, you share your interest with us and we will unlock awesome content, deals, wicked inspirational wallpapers and ads to your lock screen. By engaging with the content or just unlocking your phone like normal, you will be given lucky draw chances to win amazing monthly prizes. On top of that, you get to unlock keys when you engage with ads which you can exchange for cash.

Lock Screen

Q: Why do I get a duplicate lock screen?

A: The Android OS does not allow us to integrate with the native lock screen and that is the reason why you are getting a duplicate lock screen. If you only want SwypeOn’s lock screen, you can disable your native Android lock screen within you phone settings.

Lucky Draw

Q: How do I earn chances for the monthly lucky draw?

A: Every time you swipe left for ads, content, deals, you will get two (2) lucky draw chances and every time that you swipe right to unlock your phone, you will get one (1) lucky draw chance.

Q: Will I qualify for the monthly lucky draw if I signed up in the middle of the month?

A: Yes, as long as you have earned chances during the month by swyping left or right, you will qualify for the monthly lucky draw.

Q: Do I still qualify for the lucky draw if I have already won a prize?

A: No, you will no longer qualify for the lucky draw for a period of 3 months if you have already won a prize. After the 3 month period, you will qualify for the lucky draw again.

Q:  When will the winners be announced?

A: Winners will be drawn on the first week of each month. Please refer to http://www.swypeon.com or http://www.facebook.com/swypeon for the announcement.

Q: Where can I collect my prize?

A: Winners can collect their prize at the SwypeOn office located at Block C-10-01, Plaza Mont Kiara, No 2 Jalan Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during office hours (10am – 6pm).

Q: What do I have to bring for the prize collection?

A: Winners have to bring their winner's notification (SMS, email or letter) and NRIC/ passport for verification purposes. Kindly note that all winners would need to sign an acknowledgment slip before collecting their prize.

Q: Can I authorise another person to collect my prize?

A: Yes. Winners can authorise someone to collect the prize on their behalf. The authorised person has to produce the authorization letter together with the winner's notification (SMS, email or letter), his/her original NRIC/ passport and the winner's original NRIC/ passport.

Earning Cash

Q: How do I earn cash?

A: SwypeOn will serve ads to your lock screen that are relevant to your interest and profile. Swipe left as you see the ad to engage with it and you will receive keys which you can convert into cash.

Q: When will earned Keys appear in my wallet?

A: Any Keys earned from swyping an ad will appear in your wallet at the end of the day. Every day at the end of the day (11.59am), your wallet balance will be updated.

Q: Does Keys earned ever 'expire’?

A: No, your Keys will not expire.

Q: How many times can I accumulate keys each day?

A: There is no set limit as to how much you can earn.

Q: If an ad is displaying on the lock screen but my phone is asleep, do I still earn Keys for that ad?

A: No, you are required to engage with the ad (swipe Left) in order to earn Keys.

Getting Paid

Q: When can I redeem my Pocket Money to cash-out or exchange for vouchers?

A: You can cash-out and exchange some or all of your earned keys once your balance has reached RM100.00. At this stage, the cash-out button will become available for you to use.

Q: Does the amount I redeem have to be over a certain amount?

A: Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is RM100.00.

Q: When will my cashed-out Keys appear in my bank account?

A: If you have cashed-out the keys before the 15th of each month, the money will appear in your bank account by the 31st of the month. If you have cashed-out the keys after the 15th of each month, the money will be deposited into your bank account on the 31st of the following month.

Please contact our support team at [email protected] if your deposit doesn’t appear in your account.

Q: What are the fees involved in cashing-out?

A: There are no bank fees involved in cashing out.

Q: Which bank do you work with?

A: We work with every local banks in Malaysia.

Q: How safe is it to provide my bank account details to SwypeOn?

A: We can't withdraw any money with your bank account number alone. We can only use your bank account details to make a deposit INTO your account.

Q: How do I cash-out my Keys into a PayPal account?

A: You may be able to cash-out directly to your PayPal account through the cash-out button (if and when available within the app). At this time, you’ll be able to enter your PayPal account details.


Q: How do I log out?

A: To log out of SwypeOn, tap the ‘Log Out’ button at the bottom of your ‘Profile’ page within the app menu.


Q: How much mobile data does SwypeOn use?

A: SwypeOn uses minimal data. Maximum data usage is around 20MB per month.

Q: Is SwypeOn available on Windows or iOS phones?

A: SwypeOn is currently only available on Android but we're looking into building Windows and iOS apps in the future.


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Earn more lucky draw chances by referring your friends.

Earn more lucky draw chances by sharing your SwypeOn promo code with your friends. We'll give you additional 5 lucky draw chances for each friend who enters your code during registration, as long as the app is installed. Your promo code can be found on your profile page and the invite section of the app menu.